Tuesday, October 5, 2010

activities. kula's way

masa final year, aku disuruh untuk organize 2 event batch. well bukan la organize event, tapi more kepada games & activity. kalau nak ikut, aku lagi suke pegi event dan enjoy saje, seperti kebanyakan orang. dah la tengah bizi banyak keje, orang suruh buat keje yang bukan dalam job scope student utp. aku memang pemalas, malas take responsibility. tapi selalunye kalau orang kasi jugak, aku memang buat betul2 la. memang nature aku, malas start something but once i'm in it, i'll just do my best.
so nak buat ceritanye aku tensen jugak lah kadang2, kenape aku yang kene. padahal banyak lagi budak lain. tapi pikir2, tengok event lain, banyak yang x best. kadang2 join event tu, ade je bende nak komplen, banyak bende yang x puas hati. so untuk mengelakkan aku merasai perasaan2 itu, jadi aku buat jugak lah. jadi aku pun nak bagi tau cara cara untuk mengelakkan event anda tidak teruk. its not a guide to make a great event, coz i never know how to do that as well. but just to prevent you from making a horrible, sucks, lame event.

1. ask for help. you cant do it alone. games & activities need ideas. and lots of it. find people u are comfortable with but dont be picky
2. just copy whatever activities that has been proven to be fun. better if you change it a little and make it to be something new
3. dont be strict on team members. to make a succesfull event, the committees themselves must have fun
4. schedule. make a proper schedule and estimate the time properly
5. rehearsal. this is an important step which i think many people didn't do. not real rehearsal, but do it on your mind. once you decide the event flow, run it on your mind. and think of people enjoy doing it. if you cant imagine yourself having fun doing it, then improvise
6. dont be too strict to the event schedule. bend it however you want during the event because no event goes exactly as planned
7. finally, have fun doing it

thats all i can think of. oh and this is only applicable for small scale event, games & activities type. i dont have much experience handling serious events, and never had any interest
by the way, apesal selalu start dengan malay then habis dengan english nih?