Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weird Call

this morning around 8.00am i got a call..

*cha chachacha chacha* tu dut. tudutudu tutu tu tudut ten teteng... (ringtone)

Me: (answer phone) Hello Assalamualaikum..
Caller: ...
Me: hello..
Caller: AAAAAAAAAAKDIJ^#&HJDRD&%@!!!!!!! (very loud high pitched voice)
Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (quickly removed phone from ear.. reflex, too suprised)
Caller: (hangs up)
Me: .....???

it was a girl's voice. anyone expert on woman psychology can help me? what's the meaning of the call? but it was quite funny, made me fresh from sleepiness, haha.

but me being me, i always have weird theories (fantasies) on my own.

1. it was a cute girl, trying to get my attention
2. someone who is extremely frustrated at me
3. a cute girl (again), held hostage, punch random number to ask for help. then caught by the bad guys after she screamed
4. wrong number from a cute girl, she tried to call her ex actually
5. prank from my own friends
6. scamming syndicate who actually found a way to hack into personal infos from my phone number if i replied to the number (i did)
7. a cute girl who was too speechless after hearing my sexy just-wokeup-from-sleep voice
8. hantu??

why cute girl? well, those who are'nt just dont have a place in my fantasies

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