Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bukit Panorama

Weekends was dull & boring. Too often I just sit in front of computer, sleep and sleep without doing anything constructive, and Mondays always come too soon. So there I was, lamenting my laziness, despising my life, living in the what ifs..
One fine day, I decided to change, I wanted to see the world around me. Misi mengenal diri dan ciptaan Tuhan. So I got myself a nice camera and started my little adventures.
My first destination was Bukit Panorama, Sg Lembing, which I found from google of course. Only about half an hour drive, so its ideal. Notice on the sign board, there is also Air Terjun Pelangi & Gunung Tapis, which is already in my target list. Yummy adventures~

I arrived quite late & missed the sunrise. People are already coming down when I started my climb. To be honest, I was just expecting to shoot some pictures and did not bring my sport attire, but who cares.

And it was.. beautiful. Never thought before that these magnificent view is just around me. All I did before was complain & complain about nature not being conserved, buildings, constructions etc.. Subhanallah.

This is what I call.. 'Forever Alone Jumping Shot'.

It took me about 40 minutes to reach the top, adding the rest time and a few stops to take pictures. Forced to be used after a long time, my leg muscles started to become heavy and it got more difficult going down the steep hill. Its important that you stretch your muscles before and after any heavy workout so that you dont get cramps and sengal2 afterwards.

It really was a good experience and even though we cant see it, these kind of adventures certaily can give us positive energy, a peace of mind and healthier body, insyaAllah. This was the first of many, as I would begin the quest to venture to the unknown.

"My favourite thing is to go where I've never been." -Diane Arbus

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